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That’s the reality of this event. Barak Obama, on the other hand, blames it on Magic Shape Theory™. He claim this man was exposed to metal and plastic formed into mystical shapes that imbued them with the power to take over the mind of this one guy, turning him into a murderer. Therefore he is calling on his chief sorcerer to cast a level three wishing spell to prevent this particular shape from forming again. That way, no one will ever be possessed by this shape and turned into a killer.

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You MUST Change Your Attitude in [Market-Ticker]

READ THIS CAREFULLY FOLKS: The cops, with overwhelming force that they demand the right to possess and use at their whim while at the same time they refuse to allow you to have and possess defensive firepower on your person in the very same situation and place, cowered outside in fear and let the patrons who had been shot and were being shot die.

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Actress Delivers Gun Control Lies on Cue – Bearing Arms

“We passed a law where you have to have mandatory background checks, and criminals shouldn’t be getting guns, but what I didn’t know was that law didn’t include Internet gun sales or gun sales at gun shows and that those sales make up 40 percent of all gun sales.”

What a lying slut! All of my gun purchases have been at gun shows and I’ve had to pass the background check every time.

An actress who pretends to be somebody she isn’t for a living. Obviously mentally deficient.

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Trump the Disrupter

“** The government’s effort to turn our military into a feminized, homosexualized, transgenderized social justice experiment without regard to its purpose, which is to kill as many of America’s enemies as possible, while leaving all or most of our people intact and alive…”

That’s just one of a big long list of grievances we have against the government that led to Trump. Pretty impressive list. We started shooting Redcoats for far less!

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