Good morning

I’m off work today. On work days I’d be leaving about an hour ago. Just before leaving I set up the water for the chickens and ducks. (My wife lets them loose after sunrise.)

The views have been magnificent.

As I approach the barn (from the north, looking south) Scorpio hangs majestically over the barn. It’s dark enough here that you can see the reddish tint of Antares, the heart of the scorpion. To the right (east) Sagittarius the Archer aims his bow at Antares.

As I said, magnificent. Sadly, all attempts to photograph the view with my cellphone have failed. Sigh… Have to settle for this view of the coming sunrise.

(view from the front door this morning)

Playing around with GIMP. By trial and error I managed to extract this image from my ‘failed’ attempt to photograph Scorpio in the early morning sky over the barn.