San Francisco Bans Everything

Why ban straws? Because straws, according to the San Francisco ordinance, “may threaten public health” and are bad for the environment? Piles of human waste in the street are great for public health and the environment. But a Chicago medical association disagreed and cancelled its planned conference.

When Chicago thinks your city is dirty and dangerous hellhole, you really have a problem.

Source: San Francisco Bans Everything

Freakout with transgender at funeral home heads to Supremes

Which is why a federal lawsuit has been advanced to the U.S. Supreme Court asking the justices to rein in a federal agency that simply decided “sex” no longer, in the law, means “sex.”

It’s now “gender identity,” or a person’s subjective feelings about whether they are male or female at a particular moment.

“No court or federal agency has the authority to rewrite a federal statute. That power belongs solely to Congress,” said Alliance Defending Fund Senior Counsel Jim Campbell. “Replacing ‘sex’ with ‘gender identity,’ as the Sixth Circuit and the EEOC have done, is a dramatic change. What it means to be male or female shifts from a biological reality based in anatomy and physiology to a subjective perception.

Source: Freakout with transgender at funeral home heads to Supremes

A town in Mexico overthrew their local government. Things couldn’t be going better.

Now armed men and women — not police, but members of an autonomous militia — guard every entrance to the town, looking for strangers with contraband. And at the height of election season in Mexico, contraband means mostly political campaign ads: Guards confiscated thousands of banners and posters, from every major political party in Mexico, in just a few weeks. These ads, along with the political parties that produce them, are completely banned in Cherán, and have been since 2011, when residents overthrew their local government and started over.

We need to do this here in every town run by Democrats. Make it so.

Source: A town in Mexico overthrew their local government. Things couldn’t be going better.