Notes of a Reformed News Weasel: Understanding the Vacuity | Fred On Everything

Ask journalists when they were last in a truck stop on an Interstate, last in Boone, North Carolina or Barstow, California or any of thousands of such towns across the country. Ask whether they were in the military, whether they have ever talked to a cop or an ambulance crewman or a fireman. Ask whether they have a Mexican friend, when they last ate in a restaurant where a majority of the customers were black. Whether they know an enlisted man, or anyone in the armed services. Whether they have hitchhiked overnight, baited a hook, hunted, or fired a rifle. Whether they have ever worked washing dishes, harvesting crops, driving a delivery truck. Whether they have a blue-collar friend. Know what the Texas Two-Step is, have been in a biker bar.

Now do you see why Trump surprised them?

Source: Notes of a Reformed News Weasel: Understanding the Vacuity | Fred On Everything

Introducing The People’s Current Truth App!

The People’s Current Truth App™ requires some permissions

· Location

· Pictures

· Texts

· Social Security number

· Bank account

· Access to all other financial assets

· Access to all social media

· 24/7 tracking and surveillance

· Frontal lobe access

· Block inappropriate reading, viewing, and unapproved historical material

Source: Introducing The People’s Current Truth App!