Exclusive: Powerful Philadelphia Union Accused of Using Drones to Intimidate Enemies

City’s powerful unions have used violence, vandalism to dominate the building sector. Now, they have drones.

It obviously increases the level of intimidation,” says one Philadelphia resident who’s been subjected to union intimidation in the past and asked to remain unnamed for fear of retribution. “How do you prove that someone is flying a drone over you? Police can identify a car sitting across from your house or a man sitting across from your children taking pictures. But a drone– you don’t know who’s flying it. That’s more scary. And I think they will use it in that way.”

Another good reason to shoot drones out of the sky.

Source: Exclusive: Powerful Philadelphia Union Accused of Using Drones to Intimidate Enemies

Hey, how about putting a Muslim migrant center right next door to a nudist camp…what could possibly go wrong?

Ms. Thoens said that any migrants who come to Germany should be expected to adapt to the local culture — including accepting nudism, which finds its origins in German culture.

BTW, they aren’t ‘migrants’. They are hostile invaders and should be treated accordingly.

Source: Hey, how about putting a Muslim migrant center right next door to a nudist camp…what could possibly go wrong?

Religion of Hate | The Z Blog

Now, 2016 you sits down with the 2005 you and says, “In a decade, our black Muslim president, who may be bisexual (Google Reggie Love), will issue an edict forcing schools to let mentally ill men in dresses into restrooms, so they can watch your daughter pee. The Republican Party will sneak a provision into a mammoth budget bill legalizing this edict. When challenged, the President will claim the Christian Bible requires it.”

Source: Religion of Hate | The Z Blog

I’m Pissed Off!

I’m PO’ed!

At the Obamarrhoid.

Obama, a black skin tag on our collective ass. A cancer that needs to be removed via violent means, as all cancers are. Cancers are killed: DRT.

Also PO’ed at Jesse Jackson. Calls himself a ‘reverend’.

Let me tell you something you sorry excuse for a Christian Mr. Jackson, hell, I doubt Muslims would welcome you. I’m a lousy Mormon, but I know I’ve done more for the people in my life than you ever did for… who? Tawana Brawley?
Who ordained you?
What church?

I can answer both of those questions in my case. I was ordained an Elder by my father before he died. I graduated four years of Seminary. I’ve answered my church’s calls, sporadically. Not perfect. My church keeps asking me to be better than I am.

What church is overseeing you Jackson?

My bishop met with me just this last Sunday about my service. He wants to extend a calling to me. Will I answer? Maybe. The fact is, I don’t feel competent.

Is the ‘reverend’ Al Sharpton competent? What good has he ever done?

Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, and # blacklivesmatter, have done more damage to race-relations than slavery ever did.

When I was a child, Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson, were great entertainers. Black? Yes. Did I care? No. I didn’t care back in grade school. My best friend Winfred was black. I didn’t care. Except for the part that his parents wouldn’t allow him to cross Arlington Ave (a four-lane street) by himself. I was allowed to do so. In fact, I had to do so many times while shepherding my younger sisters to the city park… it had a wading pool.

Nowadays a nine-yr-old like me escorting 7 and 5 yr-old sisters to the park is evidence of parental criminal neglect.

We left Indianapolis schools in 1969. Why? Because some racist judge decided we needed to be integrated. Our school was already integrated. It was a neighborhood school in an integrated neighborhood. Me and my sisters could walk across the alley to school. Most kids did walk to school, and walked home for lunch. But that judge threw all that out. Why?

I don’t know. But Mom and Dad looked out for us. We didn’t need to be bussed an hour across town to attend a court-approved ‘integrated’ school.

Not done yet. But it’s late. I’ll take this up later.