Man wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him ‘without consent’

Raphael Samuel said he had a ‘great relationship’ with his parents but has compared having children to ‘kidnapping and slavery’.

The 27-year-old from Mumbai is an ‘anti-natalist’ who believes it is wrong to put an unwilling child through the ‘rigmarole’ of life for the pleasure of its parents.

I do believe that this Leftist ‘problem’ has a Leftist ‘solution.’ I refer, of course, to abortion. It would have to be retroactive, but I doubt that Democrats, especially in New York or Virginia, would have a problem with that.

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The White Man’s Burden

A question no one asks, at least not out loud: To what extent are blacks dependent on the charity of whites? What would happen if all public assistance, all programs specifically or de facto for blacks were withdrawn?

What would happen if Section Eight housing were abandoned, Head Start, AFDC, free lunch and breakfasts in inner-city schools, food stamps, and all the rest? I do not recommend doing this–the consequences would be hideous–but do suggest thinking about it. The conclusion will probably be that blacks are in custodial care. If this is not true, tell me why it is not.

I never even thought to ask that. Hmmm…

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The Radical End

When you start to tabulate the radical agenda and the ad hoc activity of the Left, the most obvious conclusion is there is little coordination. The people at the top have lost control of the monster they created. They dream of creating a coalition of non-whiles, over which they will preside, so they can control the empire. The trouble is their coalition is always reminding the other side that such an arrangement will be a catastrophe. Again, the Left is mostly just radicalizing white people now.

“Again, the Left is mostly just radicalizing white people now.”


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‘Bruce Jenner Is Still A Man’ Sign at Northern California Church Draws Protesters

On Sunday, people from across Siskiyou County gathered at the church to protest the sign, viewing it as hateful and exclusionary.

“As a community I hope that we can come together to show our love and support for the LBGTQ community in protest to the hate and slander that is being thrown at them,” organizers of the “Shastina Love Rally” at the church wrote in a Facebook event planning the Jan. 6 protest.

Who’s excluding? If you decide to be a freak you are excluding yourself. You are free to do that, but you are not free to impose your immorality, mental illnesses, or other perversions on others.

How intolerant of the LBGTQ ‘community’ of perverts.

Source: ‘Bruce Jenner Is Still A Man’ Sign at Northern California Church Draws Protesters

The Age Of Ugly

Look at the disco era, as portrayed by the movie Saturday Night Fever. You have all the things that define this era. There is the reckless personal behavior, the pointlessness of the character’s lives and the denigration of bourgeois values. The main character is basically a bum who works in a hardware store so he can make enough money to party with other degenerates. He treats his girlfriend so poorly, she eventually becomes a whore that his buddies pass around, so she can stay in the group.

Everything about the movie, like the lifestyle it portrayed, was degenerate. The disco era was basically just an effort to take the underground homosexual scene in New York City and vomit it onto Middle America. It largely worked too.

Despite growing up in the 70s I’ve yet to see Saturday Night Fever. Probably because I couldn’t stand Vinnie Barbarino. This just seemed like a movie about Vinnie after he dropped out of Kotter’s high school.

Anyway, I think the zman is on to something here.

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The Coadjuvancy of Church and State

The modern notion that the separation of these powers implies opposition or incompatibility is a gross misrepresentation of the founders beliefs and intentions, imposed on the nation by a cabal of hyper-partisan Democrat secularists led by Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black (a virulent anti-Catholic and one-time member of the Ku Klux Klan), along with his co-conspirator Lyndon Baines Johnson, author of the “Johnson Amendment” that purported to ban church involvement in politics.

Black wrote the majority opinion in the 1947 US Supreme Court case Everson v Board of Education which redefined the separation of church and state as a barrier to church/state cooperation – reversing over 150 years of legal precedent in which it had been recognized as a facilitator of church influence in government. It was this early and egregious example of judicial activism in Everson that shifted America from following the Judeo-Christian presuppositions of the founders to the Secular Humanist presuppositions of Cultural Marxism: preventing government from recognizing the authority of God in our law and history.

Read the whole article.

Source: The Coadjuvancy of Church and State

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