Transgender Ideology Promotes Experimentation on Children and Youths

A simplistic and thoroughly distorted ideology has reverted to pre-science idiocy resulting in barbarism once undreamed of in former generations; and this by advocates who cringe when a murderer is administered a lethal injection.

Source: Transgender Ideology Promotes Experimentation on Children and Youths

Yes, Gay Marriage Hurts Me Personally

Second, as a member of society, State-imposed falsehoods do affect you. Marriage is a certain thing with a certain nature and definition. When the State mandates that the thing is something other than what it is, and has a purpose other than its actual purpose, you are now living under a tyranny of confusion.

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Source: Yes, Gay Marriage Hurts Me Personally

What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

The more I worked there and visited government officials doing absolutely nothing, the more I realized that no one in Senegal had the idea that a job means work.  A job is something given to you by a relative.  It provides the place where you steal everything to give back to your family.

Source: What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America?

Apparently content with futile poverty policies, Sacramento lawmakers can turn their attention to what historian Victor Davis Hanson aptly describes as a fixation on “remaking the world.” The political class wants to build a costly and needless high-speed rail system; talks of secession from a United States presided over by Donald Trump; hired former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. to “resist” Trump’s agenda; enacted the first state-level cap-and-trade regime; established California as a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants; banned plastic bags, threatening the jobs of thousands of workers involved in their manufacture; and is consumed by its dedication to “California values.” All this only reinforces the rest of America’s perception of an out-of-touch Left Coast, to the disservice of millions of Californians whose values are more traditional, including many of the state’s poor residents.

Obvious. See Venezuela. Liberalism/socialism always ends badly.

Source: Los Angeles Times

What Liberals Think America Is Doing Right

Toleration is beneficial inasmuch as it bolsters our ability to live freely and righteously.  It is not a value by itself – it is bound by shared ethical standards.

To understand the bounds of tolerance, ask yourself the following questions.  Would it be OK to legalize pedophilia?  Should incest be allowed?  What about bestiality?

The most intolerant people are those preaching tolerance. Discrimination is a right.

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Don’t listen to the liberals – Right-wingers really are nicer people, latest research shows

In the Sixties, we saw the beginning of a narcissism and self-absorption that gripped the Left and has not let go.

The full-scale embrace of the importance of self-awareness, self-discovery and being ‘true’ to oneself, along with the idea that the State should care for the less fortunate, has created a swathe of Left-wing people who want to outsource their obligations to others.

Source: Daily Mail