Rich people doing chores for first time: ‘It’s been a complete shock’

Left on their own for the first time, bosses are learning exactly what the hell it is that their employees do.

A Fifth Avenue doctor who has decided to hold onto a sliver of normalcy by continuing to work from her office sans employees says she discovered on Day 1 just how helpless she was without her team of five assistants.

“I didn’t even know where to put the trash,” she says. “Usually the garbage is collected by my staff and they put it somewhere. I still don’t know where that is.”

These are the people that know what’s best for us ‘deplorables.’

Source: Rich people doing chores for first time: ‘It’s been a complete shock’

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One thought on “Rich people doing chores for first time: ‘It’s been a complete shock’”

  1. In one of Ann Coulter’s books. she covered the so-called red scare and the
    Hollywood “blacklist.” Most of the wealthy movie stars and directors had to
    endure the indignity of cooking meals for their kids and cleaning their own
    swimming pools.

    The economic impact of this epidemic has sent hundreds of illegal aliens back
    to their home countries leaving the elites to mow their own yards and clean
    their own houses like us Plebes. What’s not to like about this?


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