Robert A. Heinlein: A Writer as Big as America

No, Heinlein didn’t preach. What he did was be an American. Be an American so intensely that it was impossible for his work not to transmit it. The internal logic of the stories themselves led you to believe and think like an American.

I think that’s why the left hates him so much. At least that’s the only reason I can imagine that a writer who went out of his way to have minorities and women in starring roles in his books can be considered “racist, sexist, homophobic.” (Well that, and the fact that the left has heads full of rocks.)

In these days when the Betsy Ross flag is being transmogrified by leftist hate and intolerance into a “White Supremacy Symbol” (I ordered one for my yard, btw.) it’s impossible not to realize that what the left is trying to do is cut us off from our own history, our own symbols, and that which makes us uniquely American.

Source: Robert A. Heinlein: A Writer as Big as America

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  1. RAH…….my favorite scifi author of all time. I cut my reading eyeteeth on his books. And continued reading him until his end. I have almost everything he wrote and published, from his juvies, to “To Sail Beyond the Sunset”. I even have copies of “For Us the Living”, and “Variable Star” (post written by Spider Robinson), first and last.

    Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

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