The NY Times Op-Ed: Another Page from the Left’s Utopian Playbook

Here you have Harvard brokering a “collusion,” literally, between spies and the people studying religions that people don’t like.  If you think by “dissident religions” the Harvard pontiffs refer to Islam, you are probably not paying close enough attention.  The new Branch Davidians, at least in the mind of people engineering this modern-day Inquisition, are probably Christian sects that disagree with Democrats and might defy Democrat-led governments.

In order to defray the possibility of conflict, Barack Obama’s old alma mater has gathered together “religion scholars” whose field research involves spying on the religious opposition to the Democrats and feeding information to the FBI.  You do not have to go far to connect the dots from here to the media, either.

Source: The NY Times Op-Ed: Another Page from the Left’s Utopian Playbook

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