The Curmudgeon Seeks A Safe Space In History: Part 2

When King Henry died, his successor King Richard I felt bad about the situation and sent orders to release Eleanor from supervision. Her custodians had already released her! I assume she was found sitting on a pile of gold next to the dead body of her jailer; possibly twirling a dagger between her fingers and drawing up plans for a Death Star. Empowered? How about Supervillian!

After a couple more daring escapes, kidnappings, and betrayals, Eleanor died. It was 1204. They chained the crypt shut to keep her from coming back from the dead with another plan to seize power.

Bwhahahaha! I’ll never be able to discuss Eleanor of Aquitaine again without chuckling over her ‘huge tracts of land’. Then there’s this gem:

Giving Lindsay Lohan a tiara and then turning her loose in a room filled with cocaine would cause fewer problems.

Source: The Curmudgeon Seeks A Safe Space In History: Part 2

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