Kurt Schlichter – It Is the Sacred Duty of All Conservatives to Own the Libs

Ambassador Haley (who we cons like) wonders, “I know that it’s fun and that it can feel good, but step back and think about what you’re accomplishing when you do this – are you persuading anyone?” Except this is not about persuasion anymore. The left has rejected reason in favor of hatred. Only pain will teach them, and if it doesn’t teach them at least it might deter them from messing with us. That’s why all 21st century conservatives have a duty to kick pinko booty.

Source: Kurt Schlichter – It Is the Sacred Duty of All Conservatives to Own the Libs

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One thought on “Kurt Schlichter – It Is the Sacred Duty of All Conservatives to Own the Libs”

  1. We already have our foot soldiers. The Patriot Prayer guys and the Proud Boys.
    In a real SHTF scenario, you can Rely on patriots, veterans, and just about every
    non-outlaw motorcycle club in America. If these Walter Mitty revolutionaries
    take it to next level by bringing firearms, they will get their asses stomped
    like a Narc at a biker rally!

    I was on a commuter train back in the 90s. Someone discarded one of those
    national news magazines. It was just after a Republican midterm landslide
    and it contained a very comprehensive poll. The questions were multiple
    choice. Something kept leaping at me while I read the survey. Under abortion,
    one choice was free abortion on demand at taxpayer expense. (6.5 percent)
    On the subject of war, the percentage that would not support war even if we
    were attacked reflected the same 6.5 percent. There were 4 or 5 more questions
    where the most radical choice elicited the same 6.5 percent.

    The reasons the radical left cannot win are many; They lack the numbers. I doubt
    that even 2 percent has the testicular fortitude pick up a gun, and they, for the
    most part, have no experience with firearms. They will be facing real men with
    wrists thicker than these spoiled brats biceps and they will be up against experienced
    shooters and combat veterans. If they start their “revolution on a Friday evening,
    the civil war will be over in time for the victors to return to work on Monday morning!

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