Is There a Suicide Epidemic? – Logan Albright

As for the second question, “what should be done?”, I am willing to take the controversial position of “not much.” Suicide is already prohibited by law, and the mere suggestion that a person may be suicidal is regarded as justification for robbing them of their freedom through involuntary commitment in a psychiatric institution.

Well-meaning friends on Facebook will share posts about how there are 22 veterans committing suicide every day. 22 a day? That’s just veterans. This number is always bandied about sans any supporting evidence or source. I don’t believe there is an ‘epidemic’ of suicide. It’s not a disease spread by microbes after all. How can it be an epidemic?

If there are a lot of people committing suicide it’s because of the Democrat Party and their platform of hopelessness and death. They support abortion, they support assisted suicide. It’s what they want.

Source: Is There a Suicide Epidemic? – Logan Albright



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