The Not-So-Secrets of Success

“Don’t be a weirdo”

… here is a short (and by no means exhaustive) list of things that parents should warn their children to avoid:

  • Communism

  • Heroin

  • Pornography

  • Canada

  • Canadian pornography

  • Herpes

  • Feminists

  • Feminists with herpes

  • Facial piercing

  • Tattoos

  • Anyone with an anime character as their Internet avatar

  • “Sexting”

  • Internet dating apps

  • Syphilis

  • Conspiracy theories

  • “Charismatic” cult leaders

  • Gender Studies majors

  • Chlamydia

  • Rape

  • Al Gore

  • “Social justice”

  • Gonorrhea

  • Murder

  • Anyone who has ever worked at Disney or Nickelodeon

Source: The Not-So-Secrets of Success

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