Queer Feminism: Doing It Wrong

‘Lara Americo’ (left) and Joanne Spataro (right) at DragCon in New York.

The return of her testosterone hasn’t resulted in just the resurgence of facial hair; her pants now fit differently, too. My own skin has been plagued by acne since I got off the pill six months ago, and my default states are angry, hungry or sleeping. Such are the perils of trying to have a child the way Lara and I are trying, without in vitro fertilization, or cryogenically frozen sperm. The way fertile cisgender people do: They simply couple up, and boom — a child is born. . . .

(This is so strange to Queer Feminists. Normal people doing normal things the normal way — where’s the “intersectionality” in that?)

Robert Stacy McCain does a great service. I don’t think I could possibly do research on this sort of perversion. I’d have to hit someone. Why do we tolerate having sick people like this running around loose? Bring back mental hospitals and lock these loonies up.

Source: Queer Feminism: Doing It Wrong

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