‘New California’ Could Become the Next West Virginia

“The new legislature and officials were quickly recognized by President Donald Trump, who, citing his authority under the Insurrection Act and Article IV section 4 of the United States Constitution, deemed them the official government of the state, and sent federal troops from the 101st Airborne Division to Fresno to ensure that what he called ‘leftovers’ of the ‘old, failed state government’ were unable to ’cause trouble.’ President Trump’s recognition was echoed in a joint resolution of the Republican-controlled Congress, which perhaps anticipated the addition of two new Republican senators.”

Source: ‘New California’ Could Become the Next West Virginia

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One thought on “‘New California’ Could Become the Next West Virginia”

  1. This would be the worst thing that could happen to the Democrats. Splitting the
    coast from the inland areas would give the Donks maybe 60 percent of the
    electoral votes. Since it is not a winner take all state, that means little in
    terms of the electoral vote, but adding 2 new senators makes all the
    difference in the world.

    The Democrats would lose all industry and revenue from the from the red
    state of New California. Without that revenue, corrupt Democrat machine
    would wither and die. I live in the state, and I am seeing a level of disgust
    with the Democrat party like I have never seen in my life. The Donks
    long ago pushed the pendulum so far to the left, there will be MASSIVE
    blowback in November. I am predicting a Republican governor and
    20-30 GOP seats gained in the state houses.

    I think it was Dennis Miller who said that California was infected with
    a form of socialism that makes the Andromeda Strain look like a quitter!

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