A Memo to Google Employees on the Recent Outrage – Crisis Magazine

By the way, I hope you all noticed the exemplary actions recently by Lena Dunham in reporting a non-approved private conversation by American Airline employees. Her vigilance, I’m afraid, puts to shame a segment of our employees. As I have mentioned several times before, not all Google employees are submitting the required number of “Narrative of Recorded Conversation” (NARC) forms to the HR department. Remember, we need a minimum of ten forms per month from each employee. If you can’t get that number, then you are simply not doing your share to nurture our community. And, please, on your forms, remember to name names. If you have any further questions on how best to report on fellow employees, please contact Stasi R. Cumming, Vice President of the Radical Alteration Taskforce (RAT).

Source: A Memo to Google Employees on the Recent Outrage – Crisis Magazine

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