The sad decline and fall of the Boy Scouts

“As a society, we should have great compassion for children suffering from gender dysphoria while getting them proper counseling and professional help. Instead, the BSA is encouraging and facilitating a recognized mental disorder that has far reaching consequences to the health and safety of children.”

Source: The sad decline and fall of the Boy Scouts

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One thought on “The sad decline and fall of the Boy Scouts”

  1. Starting in 1965, I became a Cub Scout, a Webelos and (at least for a short period of time,)
    a Boy Scout. Sorry, for a short period time, I became a pothead. My lottery fantasy for
    decades has been to shovel at least a million dollars in funding to my beloved scouts.

    They way thing are going now, I might as well donate the same amount of money to
    NAMBLA! The moment the Catholic church began shielding pedophile priests, they
    sealed their own fate. Within a decade some upper Midwestern seminary was was as
    infected with homosexuals as an inner city crack-house was as infested with cock-
    roaches. All of the locals in the surrounding community began to refer to the seminary
    as the “Pink Palace.”

    If you are running an institution (Any institution, ) the first rule is to protect that institution.
    Homosexual pedophiles understand this. Diddle choir boys in Boston or L.A., you can be
    assured they will send you to Boise Idaho or Helena Montana. This is the same lesson
    that was learned by leftist college deans in the 60s. The more concessions the institution
    makes, the more the list of demands will grow. Clark Kerr of Berkley never stood a chance!

    It is the camel’s nose under the tent. Make one concession, get hit with ten more demands.
    This will go on until the BSA is marching under the banner of the rainbow flag! They were
    dead the moment they conceded to earlier demand to accept openly gay boys.

    The only hope is that some churches, communities, businesses and other entities fill the
    void with an alternative organization. The Boy Scouts, much like Fredo Corleone is dead
    to me!

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