“You vill eat ze bugs…”

Bugapoop Tea is a special tea made from the feces of grain moth larvae. These larvae are fed on nothing else but special tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) that have been naturally fermented. As the leaves pass through the larvae’s body, they continue fermentation. Their droppings are handpicked, and the collected droppings are dried and then further aged.

Shocking! Common Sense Prevails!

“Tax exemption is not ‘Federal financial assistance.’ This is not a novel concept. Indeed, since Title IX’s inception over fifty years ago, it has never been applied to organizations based solely on their tax exempt status. And for good reason. Although tax exemption is a tax benefit, that does not mean it is ‘Federal financial assistance’ for Title IX purposes. As noted above, ‘assistance’ means ‘aid, help, or support,’ which all connotate financial grants. Tax exemption, however, is the withholding of a tax burden, rather than the affirmative grant of funds. Thus, tax exemption is not ‘Federal financial assistance.’”

Source: Title IX Ruling Protects Homeschool from Federal Overreach

Deterrence? We don’t need no stinkin’ deterrence.

“Deterrence MUST be Job One. That is the military’s reason to exist. We haven’t been doing well at that, because of all the other things that congress critters thought were more important. When we are no longer the biggest fleet in the world, and our ships have to come limping back home from missions they were designed to excel at, that doesn’t deter aggression.”

Source: All the Answers

Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladidmir Putin

Tucker Carlson interview with Putin.
A timeline of subjects covered:
00:00:00 — Introduction
00:02:00 — Putin gives a history of Russia & Ukraine
00:25:04 — NATO Expansion
00:30:40 — NATO & Bill Clinton
00:41:10 — Ukraine
00:48:30 — What triggered this conflict?
01:02:37 — A peaceful solution?
01:11:33 — Who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines?
01:24:13 — Re-establishing communication with the US
01:36:33 — How powerful is Zelensky?
01:48:36 — Elon Musk & AI
01:51:07 — Imprisoned American journalist Evan Gershkovich