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Cognitive behavioral therapy tries to teach people to short-circuit/disrupt/desensitize that triggering circumstance until it no longer triggers them (or at least triggers them less) and thus they keep the cascade of bad brain chemicals from gushing too much.

Lukianov’s amazing insight was that just as cognitive behavioral techniques could be used to desensitize someone to an emotional trigger, so could an evil form of the techniques be used to hypersenisitize someone to an emotional trigger.

What you’re seeing on college campuses, on social media, and in society generally is the triumph of these evil forms of malevolent cognitive behavioral conditioning to encourage people not to keep their wits about them and stand strong in the face of adversity, but to collapse into a twitchy puddle of panic and mental disarray if they so much as see a word they don’t like.

And thus colleges which once produced some of the boys who stormed Normandy are now producing Adult Babies who need Play-Doh recovery rooms if they hear that American Sniper is being screened at the rec center.

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