Charlie Kirk: “Defund the Police” is a Trojan Horse. | Human Events

We hear you. That is why today, we are sponsoring legislation that will establish a national police force. This new force will take the place of smaller, ineffective, and poorly trained state and local forces around the country. Every person in every city and state will get the same high-quality, uniform service. All officers will be thoroughly trained in diversity, inclusion, and critical race theory. No longer will you have to fear chaos in your neighborhood. No longer will you have to fear those who are paid to protect you.

With that, they will have accomplished their true objective. They’ll have the ability to direct a Gestapo-style law enforcement arm to help them fulfill their quest for complete and total control over every substantive act of American daily life. This is what they are hiding from you when they say, “defund the police.”

Utterly unConstitutional. What could possibly go wrong?

Source: Charlie Kirk: “Defund the Police” is a Trojan Horse. | Human Events

College Course Teaches How to Design a Tabletop Roleplaying Game (this is part of the problem…)

A college professor is teaching the art of writing for a tabletop roleplaying game by using Call of Cthulhu and H.P. Lovecraft as the source.

And this is one of the things wrong with so-called ‘higher education.’ Why does a course like this exist at all? Why aren’t parents, alumni, and the government coming down hard on crap like this? What possible use could this be?

Enter professor T.R. Knight at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. He is teaching a class called the Tabletop Game Writing Lab. Its specific focus is teaching the art of designing a tabletop roleplaying game, more specifically, Call of Cthulhu.

The course focuses on teaching the fundamentals of writing an adventure module. From the outline of the adventure to designing art for the guide, by the end, students will publish their own story set within the Call of Cthulhu mythos.

Knight is working with members of the creative team at Chaosium to help during the class.

I have nothing against role-playing games. I spent quite a bit of time playing first edition D&D (and others) in high school in the early 70s. We didn’t need a college course to design our own adventures, campaigns, or games.

This doesn’t belong in ANY school curriculum. Not even grade school. These games were invented without any specialized education.

This is why I scoff at those ‘elites’ who brag about their ‘education’ at institutions of ‘higher’ learning.

Education? “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means…”

Source: College Course Teaches How to Design a Tabletop Roleplaying Game

The Criminalization of Masculinity

Police investigators typically estimate false accusations of rape as running between forty and fifty percent of the total. Deception is, after all, the natural weapon of the sex which cannot get its way by force. Motivations for false accusations include providing an alibi, seeking revenge, obtaining sympathy and attention, gaining custody of children, extorting money from celebrities and, in the gender-neutral military, avoiding deployment to war zones. Feminists vigorously oppose any prosecution of false accusers.

Confronted with proof of widespread malfeasance, public officials typically complain that the justice system is “overworked and underfunded.” This is clearly a self-serving argument; as Baskerville points out, “if they simply stop accusing innocent men, they would no longer be overworked and underfunded.” We may expect wrongful convictions to continue for as long as officials owe their jobs to ensuring that they do. Rape accusations are “a thriving bureaucratic enterprise that can create business for itself by encouraging hysteria.”


Refraining from casual sex does not protect a man, who may still be accused of “sexual harassment.” This expression, which first appeared in print in 1978, originally referred to the misuse of positions of authority to extort sexual favors. Of course, as Baskerville notes, such behavior has always been contrary to codes of professional conduct, and women have long been defended in such situations by male relatives: “nothing indicates the hysteria over ‘harassment’ is a necessary but excessive response to a real problem; from the start it was another ideological power grab, using sexual dynamic and government power to emasculate and feminize.”

Just avoid feminists.

Source: The Criminalization of Masculinity

Saith the Lord

Isaiah 48:22

There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked.

Democrats certainly aren’t very peaceful. They are full of rage and anger because they know they are wicked.

Fascism Came To America Wrapped In A Rainbow Flag And Wearing A Pussyhat


That said, the painted face of enlightened coastal liberalism has facilitated the agendas of the oppression machine far more. The drop in healthy suspicion of the US intelligence community, the demand for online censorship, the manufactured support for world-threatening cold war escalations — these things didn’t come from the red states. This willing complicity with Orwellian agendas was birthed into existence by those bastions of progressive values in America’s cultural hubs on either side of the continent. It is maintained by NPR-listening, latte-sipping liberals who view themselves as open-minded and woke.

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Goodbye to Townhall

No longer going to link to Townhall articles. They don’t like ad-blockers. Well, I’m not disabling my ad-blocker. Seeing your ads uses up MY bandwidth. I have other sources for the same stories.