One thought on “No Peace”

  1. BJ Billy and his lesbian wife were the first Marxist radicals in the White House
    but Clinton was too pragmatic to push a full-blown Marxist agenda. Ojugears
    was the first to go full steam ahead with a Stalinist agenda. He made no attempt
    to mask the fact that he was a Marxist ideologue. He made FDR and Carter look
    like members of the John Birch Society. If not for the voter rebellion in 2016,
    Hillary would have gone full throttle in advancing Obiteme’s agenda.

    There was a great piece by PJ O’Rourke called 100 reasons why Jimmy Carter was
    a better president than Bill Clinton. Number 100 was Jimmy Carter gave us something
    that Bill Clinton could never give us: Ronald Reagan. Without Obongo, there may
    have never been a President Trump.

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