The Democratic Cold War on Christianity Heating Up

Any public person, group, company or church that identifies as Christian will be forced to take a stand on the question of whether or not they celebrate the LGBTQ lifestyle regardless of whether they want to or not, even if they barely care about the issue.  That’s the plan.  Because the Bible presents a clear position that is counter to the prevailing culture, it is an easy avenue of attack.  The hate on this issue is one-sided.  Christian theology teaches to love the sinner while hating the sin.  Anti-Christian leftists practice hating the Christian while celebrating the sin.  Christian unwillingness to celebrate the sin is the offense that cannot be overlooked.

Source: The Democratic Cold War on Christianity Heating Up

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One thought on “The Democratic Cold War on Christianity Heating Up”

  1. Equal rights for the victim classes do not mean equal rights. They mean special rights
    above those enumerated rights enshrined in the US Constitution. The Civil Rights Act
    of 1964 has morphed into “Affirmative rights,” something not affirmed in the act. Enter
    the age of feminism and the failed Equal Rights Amendment movement. Rosalynn Carter
    attended an ERA convention where flying squads of lesbians were set up to eject anyone
    who defended tradition or faith. The First Lady praised their cause even after walking
    past vendors selling double-ended dildos and every other form of lesbian sex toys.

    She even praised the mass murderer Jim Jones. If anyone thinks that this cancer cannot
    get any worse, lesbians, homosexuals, and even pedophiles are now vying for the same
    victim status as blacks. A recent paper by a liberal academic stated that we have to
    reject our phobia of pedophiles. We are in trouble when the left is calling eating a
    Big Mac murder, but NAMBLA (who advocates screwing 9-year-old boys,) is worthy
    of our compassion!

    It gets worse: Thirty-year-old male trannies are sharing bathrooms with your elementary
    school-age daughters and kicking the asses of high school and college girls in athletic
    competitions. Let us hope that our current president at least puts a dent in this insanity
    and that his successor follows through!

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