#Normalphobia Running Amok in the Democrat party

People have known throughout history that some people for whatever reason have an attraction to the same sex, women who have such an attraction are called “lesbians” People, even those who disapprove of this preference understand that these lesbians prefer the sexual company of other women. but liberal say that if a man declares himself a woman and a lesbian that any lesbian who reject them is a bigot.


Democrats… the normalphobes.

Source: #Normalphobia Running Amok in the Democrat party

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2 thoughts on “#Normalphobia Running Amok in the Democrat party”

  1. Afreakingmen brother! This is why the Demo☭rat party is in a death spiral.
    They spent the last 100 years driving America into a ditch. Starting in 1994,
    every midterm electoral tsunami had Granny McBotox and her Senate
    counterpart proclaiming that their loss was due to the fact that they were
    not campaigning far enough to the left.

    This was the point in time when the Demo☭rat party steered hard to port
    and threw the throttle into Ludicrous Speed (see Spaceballs The Movie.)

    PS Some idiot in the government commissioned a survey to determine
    why lesbians were fat. Some dickhead academic was paid $250,000 dollars
    to answer this perplexing question.

    This is me thrusting my fat ass un-tattooed biker arm in the air: The question
    answers itself! It is a perfect example of the Butterfield Effect or in ancient
    Latin, quaestione ipsa responsiones. I will answer that question for $25,000:

    Fat and ugly women are more likely to be lesbians because they are fat and ugly!
    People who do not know the post hoc, ergo propter hoc logical fallacy should
    NEVER have access to the public treasury!

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