I like this fantasy… make it so

Day One

“Barack Obama makes a rare Oval Office address at 8:00 AM, announcing the executive orders that anti-liberty Democrats have been pining for. These executive orders include:

•A determination that the National Rifle Association is a “domestic terror group.”

•An immediate ban on production, sale, or possession of all centerfire rifle ammunition “commonly used in military-style rifles” as “armor-piercing.”

•An immediate ban on the production, sale, or possession of all “military-style weapons,” which includes all detachable-magazine-fed semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns, bolt-action centerfire “sniper rifles,” and pump-action and lever-action centerfire rifles.

•A mandate for the creation of drop-off centers for citizens to surrender their banned firearms, magazines, and ammunition in every county seat.”

Article here.