The Media, the NRA, and Islam

So whom are you going to believe, Anderson Cooper, who knows as much about Islam as he knows about picking up girls in singles bars, or ten thousand imams who have literally memorized every verse in the Quran?

But does it even matter?  Because regardless of who’s right about the true tenets of Islam, millions of Muslims believe that killing innocent, unarmed civilians is their ticket to paradise.

How do I know?  Because most of the time, they announce it by shouting “Allahu akbar!” right before they slaughter everyone in sight.  Still, the American left and its lapdog media claim to have a hard time figuring out the motives behind such attacks.

Source: The Media, the NRA, and Islam

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2 thoughts on “The Media, the NRA, and Islam”

  1. What is all this gun protectionism about? It’s not about fighting Islamist. It’s NOT a crusade for the 2nd Amendment. It’s NOT about saving democracy in case of a foot soldier invasion. It’s REALLY NOT about protecting kids by arming teachers.

    No. It’s power and money. If Trump or his cronies are successful in spewing enough hate and divisiveness that they can justify martial law or canceling elections, then the NRA will put out what they will call an “Armed Militia” to help enforcement. Which in reality will be a bunch of mobs, with AR 15s, hunting for anyone who isn’t white, Christian or straight. Kill them all and America will be great again. We’ve seen this happen before with autocratic leaders and corrupt law makers. It’s happening all over the world, right now and America is not exception.

    It’s about genocide and an end to democracy folks. NRA LEADERS are thinly disguised white supremacists. That’s why a few dead kids here and there TRULY DON’T MATTER to them. This is just the beginning of bloodshed. Understand the hate they all spew. We need to wake up, before it’s too late. Does anyone REALLY need and AR 15? Really?

  2. kginoregon, I approved this comment so everyone can see the level of ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, condescension, and sheer lunacy we are being bullied by. It’s hard to find common ground with a person so divorced from reality.

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