Never Marry a Feminist | Suzanne Venker

If you believe sex roles are a result a patriarchy designed to disempower women, rather than on what they’re actually based on—the biological differences between the sexes—your relationship is doomed. A successful marriage relationship demands a deep understanding of male and female nature.

A strong marriage is in fact predicated on sexual inequality, or on how much couples let their differences shine.

Just say ‘no’ to feminists. They are a waste of time.


Source: Never Marry a Feminist | Suzanne Venker

The Elusive American Husband | Suzanne Venker

Every week I hear from breadwinning wives and mothers who are exhausted, stressed out and resentful about having to earn an income while at the same time be a mother. I also hear from strong, successful single women who for the life of them can’t find a husband.

It would appear we changed the rules, and the new rules don’t work.

Source: The Elusive American Husband | Suzanne Venker

Near Death, Seeing Dead People May Be Neither Rare Nor Eerie

“I said ‘Dad, what are you laughing at?’ He said, ‘Oh, we’re all together.’ “

The bewildered Roncevich and her mother wondered who and what he was seeing. He was even giggling.

“He said, ‘Everybody’s together and we’re all just having a wonderful time. We’re having so much fun’ … and those were the last words he spoke,” she recounted last week between her visits to patients of UPMC Family Hospice and Palliative Care. “I said to my mom, ‘What more could we ask for than that?’ Wherever he was going, he was in a good place and happy.”

Source: Near Death, Seeing Dead People May Be Neither Rare Nor Eerie

5 Things Women Do That Secretly Annoy Men – Brass Pills

4) We’re expected to talk way too much.

There’s this stereotype that says women love to talk and men don’t. There’s probably a little truth to that, but the real problem men have in that area comes from the topics women typically want to talk about. As a general rule, most men aren’t very interested in talking about their feelings. Also, who was wearing what? Where they went to lunch? Who said what to whom? Not only are men not interested in discussing these things, they’re afraid if they do, it might prompt the woman to spend 15 minutes telling him the minute details of her day which is only slightly less painful than being punched in the face.

Also, because many women tend to over-analyze, they assign all sorts of deep meaning to trivial gestures and then demand explanations. Sometimes a rose is just a rose and five minutes of silence is just a man thinking about what he has to do at work tomorrow. You want to get a man to talk? It’s not hard. Ask him to explain what’s going on in a UFC fight or what his favorite sexual fantasy is and you’ll have trouble getting him to shut up.

Source: 5 Things Women Do That Secretly Annoy Men – Brass Pills

I left my husband because he couldn’t sexually satisfy me

“Over time, I became incredibly resentful. Try as he might to convince me that it wasn’t me, I took every rejection as a blow to my womanhood. I’d go out for drinks with my girlfriends who would whine about how much their partners pestered them for sex. It seemed like they just had to roll over in bed for their men to be up for it and here I was, night after night, lying there in tears and praying that he’d touch me.”

In my case I was praying that she would touch me. Sigh… Yep, we divorced after almost three decades.

Source: I left my husband because he couldn’t sexually satisfy me


The term “gender equality” was dreamed up by leftarded poofters who use the word “relationship” every couple of words. There is no such thing as gender equality. There are things men do better. There are others that women do better. Like making me a pie!

So if you cats do housework, not only will you be deficient in booticious activities, you will also get your ass divorced! Why? Because straight womerns don’t want to be married to another womern…of either sex.

Source: DUDES, WANT MORE SEX? DON’T BE A WOMAN! – Angry White Dude

Vetting future women by using social media. – Adam Piggott

“Men are so judgmental!” she wailed. “They are always judging us!” This was relayed to me by a woman in her mid-thirties who had been single for a while and was looking for a partner.

“I know,” I nodded sympathetically. “It’s most odd that a middle aged man who has accumulated substantial assets and enjoys a certain reputation both professionally and socially should carry out some sort of character assessment on those who he is looking to share his entire life with. Me, I just don’t get it.”

Source: Vetting future women by using social media. – Adam Piggott

‘The Personal Is Political’: Feminism and the Problem With Keeping Score : The Other McCain

However, feminism actually encourages the pursuit of casual sex as “empowering” — an exercise of “sexual autonomy” — and any criticism of promiscuity is rejected by feminists as “slut-shaming.” Feminism thereby promotes exactly the kind of behavior that puts young women at risk of “date rape.”

Source: ‘The Personal Is Political’: Feminism and the Problem With Keeping Score : The Other McCain