What ails Main Street

A very interesting article analyzes some of the factors dragging down traditional retail businesses, and the cities and parts of cities that depend on them.

The assistants at many retailers are abysmally ill-informed, often slovenly in their habits (i.e. needing a shower or shave or haircut, or to change their clothes), and frequently not motivated to sell.  They appear to be there simply as warm bodies going through the motions.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve asked a salesperson about a feature of a product I’m interested in buying, only to find that they know nothing about it, and must consult the manual – something I could easily have done for myself.  I’ve even looked up information about it on my smartphone, while they were looking for a supervisor who proved to know as little as they did!  If I’m expected to pay a premium for the “benefit” of having trained salespeople to assist me, I want them to be trained, and have the expertise I expect.  If they aren’t and/or don’t, why should I waste my time there?

Source: What Ails Main Street

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