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This guy is an idiot. Consider:

It’s not difficult, after all, to look at the Fortune 500 companies and note the great paucity of women and people of color in the executive ranks. This lack of diversity is clear on its face. This is an embarrassment to these institutions, and helps to demonstrate that the great American story of equal opportunity and the self-made man is a myth.

Note that he doesn’t explain (and indeed no one ever has) why diversity in and of itself is a ‘good’ to strive for. Nor does that lack of diversity demonstrate anything of the sort. Equal opportunity does not guarantee equal results. If it did, blacks would still be a minority in the NBA and NFL. For some reason idiot Leftists (sorry, I know that’s redundant) never seem to understand that.

Traditionally, both equality and diversity have been important to liberalism.

That’s just bovine feces. Traditionally, liberalism, the classical kind, was concerned about freedom. Then he proves my point:

Liberal publications devote far less ink, virtual or physical, to core issues of redistribution and worker power than they once did.

This isn’t liberalism, this is Karl Marx. This is communism/socialism. No liberalism about it.

Be scared. This guy is part of the problem in our schools. From his ‘about me’ statement:

I’m a teacher, linguist, and writer whose scholarly work concerns writing assessment, corpus linguistics, writing program administration, and higher education policy.

This is what passes for ‘scholarly work’ today. No wonder our crybully SJWs can’t handle reality.

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